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International Culinary Festival – recipe


Days needed: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Hours needed: 72 Extra-ingredients: famous chefs, international dishes, and a big appetite The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and Days of Cluj (Zilele Clujului) confirms this well-known idiom by holding a three-day International Culinary Festival. It will take place on Mihail Kogălniceanu street, from the …

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Dear you, It’s almost summertime and the living is getting easy. Now that the #azinuplouă and #daretofail hashtags have been used up to the point of exhaustion on our Facebook timelines, it is time that you and I get out of our apartments more, and bask in the sun while directing our attention to the …

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The unforgettable power of tradition

The Negreni Expo, the biggest fair from Transylvania, became an annual tradition both for the merchants and the buyers. With a history of more than 100 years, the fair opens every year during the second weekend of October and it is a place of meeting between merchants fromRomania,Hungary,GermanyandAustria. This year, the fair was held between …

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A locomotive was hit by a road train in Cluj County


A road train which was moving along DN1 skidded between CF Poieni and Brăişoru train stations because of the weather conditions. In the process a locomotive of the Timişoara-Iaşi train was hit and suffered damages. The incident occurred at about 11:30 in the morning and there were no victims, states INFOTRAFIC.RO. The railway traffic between …

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Taxi drivers are protesting

Taxi drivers in Cluj held a protest

Taxi drivers in Cluj held a protest today against the big number of taximetres which are running in the city without authorisation. About 60 taxi drivers gathered for the march which lasted 2 hours. The remonstrants started their march in front of  “Horia Demian” Indoor Sports Arena, and then went on to 1st December boulevard, …

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