Taxi drivers are protesting

Taxi drivers in Cluj held a protest

Taxi drivers in Cluj held a protest today against the big number of taximetres which are running in the city without authorisation. About 60 taxi drivers gathered for the march which lasted 2 hours. The remonstrants started their march in front of  “Horia Demian” Indoor Sports Arena, and then went on to 1st December boulevard, …

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Mihai Eminescu celebrated in Cluj-Napoca


Romanians celebrate today 159 years since Mihai Eminescu, the national poet, was born. A commemorative service was held at his statue in front of the National Theatre in Cluj-Napoca. Mayor Sorin Apostu and prefect Călin Platon attended the service. The Municipal House of  Culture will host several events in the poets’ memory:  Dorina Scutăreanu’s  “Blue …

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Israel and Lebanon continue their clash

Northern Israel was hit today by a rocket launched from Lebanon. This is the second incident recorded since the conflict in Gaza began. Meanwhile, the situation in Gaza is on it’s way to become a humanitarian disaster. Almost 90% of the inhabitants risk to die of starvation, and tens of thousands were forced to leave …

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