Shopping contest in Cluj Napoca

“Girls, it happened again!”: on the 10th of January 2011, at Iulius Mall, was the preselection for the show, “Shopping – My Passion”. There were more than 15 girls who came to prove that they know how to dress, but there were only 5 chosen to represent the city of Cluj-Napoca in the show. …

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A good year starts with a photo exhibition


In these modern times, the cultural life of Cluj Napoca is in a small recession. That’s why Andrada Nica tries to encourage photography with a modest, but courageous project. The first event of this project took place in a non-conventional place, Puzzle Bar, Monday the 10th of January 2011. Andrada received an invitation from Puzzle …

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“Employers and students in the media industry” conference


VEHMED- “Media vehicles for practical skills training, television and newspaper operated by students for students” held today the first meeting of the project, entitled “Employers and students in the media industry”, at the Political Sciences, Administrative and Communication Faculty. Students had the opportunity to find essential information about what media really is and how it …

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Bagels – cheap and good


Cluj Napoca is invaded with small shops which sell bagels and pies with 1 or 2 lei. What happened with all the restaurants and cookies shops? If in the past years people were queuing at the confectionaries, now people are crowding for a cheap bagel. When I asked about the amount of bagels they sell …

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New Hotel-plan or project?


During these days, constructing a new building seems to be more and more avoided due to the high prices and to the crisis. Constructors usually have the place and the ideas, but the problem is the economical part, this being the reason why they prefer to leave the ground for foreign investors. But that situation …

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Empty windows, panels and display screens in the city center of Cluj Napoca host contemporary works of art. The “Visible City” is a project released by AltArt foundation, the City Hall of Cluj Napoca and PONT Group that began on 15th of November 2010. The project consists in exhibitions of contemporary works of art that …

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New World of Warcraft expansion released


After a year and a half of waiting, Blizzard Entertainment has released the new World of Warcraft expansion pack entitled Cataclysm. The 3rd expansion of the series was much anticipated by every fan of the Warcraft franchise. This new expansion brings new graphics to the game, a new storyline, new quests and two new race …

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Body Browser

Body Browser 3

Body Browser is a 3D application which allows the exploration of the human body. The American company Google has launched on Thursday a new 3D application similar to the 3D that allows capturing in detail every corner of the planet. Named “Google Body Browser”, this 3D application offers a full map of the human body. …

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Donate blood – Save a life


The “Donate!” OSM was founded 10 years ago, one of their campaigns taking place between 13th and 17th of December 2010, with over 100 student volunteers involved. On the first day of the project there were 81 donors and by the end, it gathered over 500 donors. The same thing happened on the last edition, held in March: it gathered 600 donors, but only 500 were fit to donate. The conditions that a donor have to fulfill are: to have more than 57kg, to be aged between 18 and 60, to be healthy, rested, to had not consumed alcohol 48 hours before donation, do not have herpes, hepatitis, tuberculosis, malaria, not to be allergic or to have a cold, not …

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“Mărţişorul” – History and Tradition


Yesterday, at the Student Cultural House of Cluj-Napoca, took place the concert “Traditions and Christmas customs” by the “Mărţişorul” ensemble and Dumitru Fărcaş. The folk student group “Mărţişorul”, was established in 1957, at Students Culture House of Cluj-Napoca. This group of students, from all universities in the city, began to establish a future among student …

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