A Marathon Named Cluj

Every year, at the end of the spring, an event quite young but successful manages to convince thousands of people from Cluj to get out of their homes and participate at diverse activities for a period of five days. We are talking about Cluj Days, which is now at it’s 5th edition and will take place between May 22 and May 26 2015. Considering the fact that it’s an integrated in the programme Cluj-Napoca Youth Capital 2015, this edition is promising, so let’s see which are the events that you cannot miss.

Students give color to Cluj – we all know that the students make this city shine in bright colors everyday, but on Friday, May 22, the city will be the one that will pour color over them. The event will start with the Academic year closing ceremony, from 9am, at Sala Polivalenta and will culminate with a show of music and color in Unirii Square, at half past 11. In the evening, at 6pm, in the same square, students of the schools in Cluj-Napoca, helped by Alexandra Ungureanu & Crush, will break the record for the biggest “Cup Song”.


The international Culinary Festival – not only love goes through the stomach, fun does that too. From May 22 until May 24, famous chefs from all over the world will present on Mihail Kogalniceanu Street tasty dishes that are waiting to be eaten. The whipped cream on the cake (literally) will be the biggest Cheesecake record, which will start on Sunday, at 4pm.

The concerts, are, without doubt, the most popular part of Cluj Days, because they cover all tastes and genres. On Friday, May 24, at Unirii Square, starting with 7pm, you can enjoy the music of David&Six Martini Band, Vunk, Iris and Cristi Minulescu, Felicia Filip and Dan Bitman. If you prefer indie and jazz sounds, from 7pm, every night between May 24 and May 26, at the Museum Square, you can listen to The Beat (acustic), Ad Libitum Voices, Indie Folker, Jazzybirds, Moonlight Invasion and many others. Don’t worry, classical music will be present too, with strong and unique spectacles. The Classical Music Evening will start on Saturday, at 6pm, in Unirii Square and on Sunday, as a part of the project Urban Scene, fragments from the opera Carmen will be presented at Cetatuie, from 8pm.

Man.In.Fest International Experimental Theatre Festival is an event that you cannot miss because it reunites contemporary inovative creations, allowing the public to see a new and original type of art. You can watch 8 spectacles, between May 22 and May 24, from 2pm untill 10pm at Matei Corvin House, Heroes Boulevard and the Art Musem. For an accurate schedule, check this link http://www.zileleclujului.ro/?page_id=5094.


The Ancient and Medieval Fair is expecting you this weekend, between 10am and 9pm, at Potaissa Street, to reconstruct together the history by getting a glimpse on how a military camp was organized and trained, by recreating ceremonies related to Cluj-Napoca, listening to legends and by attending workshops of leather goods, art of pottery, hardware and weaving.

The Fun Zone, Corporate Games and Treasure Hunt are the most dynamic part of the event and a point of interest for those who like sports. The first one, located in the Central Parc, is opened between May 22 and May 24, from 10am to 8am and it puts at your disposal  climbing pannels, lake canoe, a zip line, sumo and the list can continue. Corporate Games, the biggest sports event for corporations, will take place between May 22 and May 23 in different parts of the city, so here you have a complete schedule http://bit.ly/1F1FMHk. If you want to discover the treasures of Cluj, join the hunt that will take place on Saturday and Sunday and, besides glory, you can win a substantial prize. The rules of the competition are available here http://bit.ly/1IQ5S7c.

Cluj Days will end in May 26, with the inaguration concert of “The Green Stage” Theatre, a floating construction made from 125.000 plastic bottles, situated on Iulius Mall Lake. The film music and ballet show, performed by the Symphonic Orchestra Philharmonia Napocensis, will begin at 8pm. Be there!

I know, all the events sound very promising. It’s almost impossible to choose, so the only solution is a five day marathon of culture and fun. See you at the starting line!

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