International Culinary Festival – recipe

Days needed: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Hours needed: 72

Extra-ingredients: famous chefs, international dishes, and a big appetite

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and Days of Cluj (Zilele Clujului) confirms this well-known idiom by holding a three-day International Culinary Festival. It will take place on Mihail Kogălniceanu street, from the 22nd of May till the 24th of May.

You take sommelier Laurențiu Fărcaș, from the Golden Tulip hotel, who will soak this event’s ribbon in champagne at 10 am on Friday. The event will end on 10 pm, on Sunday and during these hours you are welcomed to witness the chefs’ culinary art and to taste their traditional dishes

You add various moments for every gourmand’s paradise; Chefs Ioan Fatol, Adrian Pop and Cezar Munteau, who will be there from half past five to seven in the afternoon on Friday and Saturday, and from two to half past three in the afternoon on Sunday.


On Saturday, you mix these three most famous chefs in Cluj (working for Klausenburger, Selgros, and City Plaza), as they will be the ones to guide 6 teams with 3 students each to prove their culinary skills, at 11 am. The award ceremony will take place at 3 pm, and it will be followed by a Taekwondo demonstration and also by Korean dances. At 5 pm, Olivo will give us a sample of their “Latte art & filtered coffee.”

On Sunday, from half past 11 to half past 1, add Memo 10, Marty, Hora, and Indigo to compete into showing their best dish. These cooking demonstrations are followed by wine tasting, moment given by the Recaș, Panciu, and Halewood wine cellars.

Baked in the oven, this event promises to be the apple of renowned international chefs’ eye; and the cream of the crop is the final moment, the biggest Cheesecake, record attempted by Toni Delaco.

Don’t deny your appetite the chance to go bananas during these three days of international feasting. Join the event on Facebook and make sure you know their official schedule. After you’ve joined the event, increase oven temperature by spreading the word and bringing your friends with you.

At the end, use your 5 senses to lose and find yourself in what appears to be a “what is a diet anyways” weekend.

Bonne appetite!

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