Dear you,

It’s almost summertime and the living is getting easy. Now that the #azinuplouă and #daretofail hashtags have been used up to the point of exhaustion on our Facebook timelines, it is time that you and I get out of our apartments more, and bask in the sun while directing our attention to the upcoming events. While we are waiting for TIFF and Jazz in the Park to provide us with an audio-visual feast, let us direct our attentions on the 15th of May.

And while we are completely aware that exams are looming dangerously close and maybe there is also a diploma thesis in your not so distant future; it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t enjoy this week at its fullest. That said, allow us to take you into a  7/1, i.e. 7 events taking place this Friday that will prevent you from reminiscing over how great Picnic in the Park and TEDxEroilor were, and how you wish you could relive those experiences.

If you are something of a book worm and enjoy immersing yourself in a good story while lying in a hammock in cool shade, the Central Park of Cluj is giving you the opportunity to do just that at 1 o’clock in the afternoon; all part of the Marea Hămăceală. The catch is that you get all the trees, but the rest is on you, however, there is a strong possibility that you will want to stay there until the sky lights up with stars, and we are here to tell you that that is totally cool.  


As a bonus, you can check out the Bazar cu lucruri gratis that will have its first Outdoor Edition on the same day and in the same location at 3 o’clock. It’s a perfect opportunity to discover new cultures and see some international volunteers share their talents and passions; including, but not limited to African braiding and card tricks.

If you are one of the rare specimens that hasn’t been to Booha Bar, you have the chance to do just that this Friday; while they celebrate their 6th anniversary with artists such as Wax Tailor, Key&Board, Indjstione, K-Lu, and Sauce.

However, if the literary haze set in the park hasn’t left you yet, Bookstory invites you to their How to create a modern poster workshop, at half past six.

An hour later, that is at 7 o’clock, you can engage in a more daring activity, namely wall climbing at the Escalade Center; all part of their Polisport Wall Climbing event. It doesn’t require any previous experience and you can even rent the right shoes from them, all you need is an open mind and limber body.

Le-Parisien Café invites you at 9 o’clock to show your friends that you’ve got what it takes to be the Voice of… well, to have some fun at their Karaoke Night.

After you’ve got your vocal chords warmed up, you can gather your friends and end your night with a bang at Euphoria Music Hall. We know you’ve got the moves like Jagger, and the Retro Attack party at 10 o’clock is the perfect place to prove it.

Been a fantastic ride, hasn’t it? Without your Daddy and Mammy standing by, you just have to catch them all.


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