The House Judiciary Committee approved the criminal prosecution for Elena Udrea


The Judicial Committee endorsed today, February 4, the request of the initiation of prosecutions DNA MP PMP Elena Udrea, with 20 votes “for” one “against”, one abstention and one vote canceled.

Elena Udrea stated in the State Commission for ten minutes, and at the exit she declared to Mediafax.ro, that she was expected from her colleagues favorable response for her criminal prosecution.

The Deputy of PMP, Elena Udrea, is being prosecuted for money laundering and making false statements of assets folder,, being accused that Microsoft acquired and used goods which she knew came from crime.Udrea is under judicial review between 29 January to 29 March.

On the other hand, The Anti Corruption Directorate claimed on Monday an opinion from Parliament for the prosecution of Elena Udrea MP, former Minister of Regional Development and Tourism, who is suspected of abuse of office, to provide for himself or for another undeserved usage of goods, attempted to use false documents or statements, inaccurate or incomplete falsely obtaining funds from the EU budget and the use of influence to obtain unfair advantage in the folder “Gala Bute” as Mediafax.ro declaired.

- Tunde Vass

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