Adrian Sârbu, in custody


The Bucharest Court of Appeal made the decision, on Wednesday night, regarding to the arrest of Adrian Sarbu, claming charges of money laundering, embezzlement instigating and abetting tax evasion.

The decision was made after several hours of debate, but is not final and can be challenged.

Adrian Sarbu was arrested Monday night for 24 hours, its mandate expiring on Tuesday evening at 20.30. He said Tuesday night out of the Court of Appeal quoted Mediafax.ro, that he can not comment on allegations that prosecutors and the courts remained pronounced.

Asked by journalists present on the spot on Tuesday evening to comment on the allegations of the prosecutors, Sarbu said:

“I can not comment on that at this time, because. they are already under a different regim. What I had commented I commented I held my position and ly lawyers supported it as well, this timeon  it’s in pronouncement. “

According to investigators, the damage caused to the general consolidated state budget amounts to 16,809,964 lei value resulting from the offense of tax evasion in the amount of 2.66 million lei, in the crime of embezzlement, reflected as money laundering being subjected to the amount of 2,893,607 lei .

Adrian Sarbu added that the Mediafax file aims the destruction of the media institutions they built in the past 25 years.

- Tunde Vass

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