Fake Bomb Threat on the Airports from Cluj-Napoca and Targu Mures


An anonymous caller have reported yesterday to 112 that, there were hidden bombs placed in the airports of Cluj-Napoca and Targu-Mures. The Romanian Information Service have investigated both of the airports, and reported that there was no bomb installed and that it was just a bad joke.

“Due to an anonymous phone call made to 112 Buzau, referring to the possible setup of some explosive devices on the “Avram Iancu” International Airport from Cluj and at “Transylvania” Airport from Targu Mures, the Crisis Situations Committee was requested for investigation on both of the Airports. In the emergency regime the specialized bodies in similar situations, were mobilized, in conformity with the legislative directions. The special structures of SRI(Romanian Information Service) have intervened, together with the help of IPJ (Country Police Department) and other professional institutions. The activity of the airports was not influenced by the event. The special bodies of SRI have conducted after the investigation that the bomb attack was false alarm.”

- Tunde Vass

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