A year for art

Artileria’s first anniversary was hosted on Tuesday, at Casa Tranzit.

Founded in 2010, Artileria is known as an association focused more on the social art. Their main aim is to bring people closer to it: in what regards both the visual part, and the other ways in which it can be expressed.

Artileria is mostly formed by students from the Art and Design Faculty, from the 2nd, the 3rd and master years, who saw the need for charity and the lack of closeness to art in Cluj-Napoca.

For the anniversary evening, the organizers prepared a series of surprises for their audience, consisting in free portraits and comics. As for the artists, they had 40 prizes for each category: self satires, comics of situation, of image and portraits. Alex Botezatu, the head of the association stated: ” Our purpose is to sustain artists being them beginners or experienced ones and we decided to offer them prizes in order to encourage them in continuing with art”.

The budget for the event was made up of  money coming from the members of the association and from their friends. Moreover, starting this autumn they will have some partners that will support the organization financially and will help them to continue their actions.

One of the successful projects is the “Comics Evening” which will continue this year too, taking place in L’Atelier Café every two weeks on Tuesday. Beside this they will also be present every Wednesday in Barrels Pub and every Monday in 2 Minutes Café. In all these evenings, they will draw comics and portraits for free for everyone who will ask for them, in order to promote art.

Roxana Perşa

Photo: Flavia Stoia


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