New meaning of 24th of January

Even if today is celebrated the Union of the Romanian Principalities, some pensioners decided to give the day another signification: they protested against the government’s decision to cut their pensions. The event took place in front of the Prefecture, near the Cuza’s statue, today around 12 o’clock.

Talking with one of the people there, Dumitru Filip states that he doesn’t agree with the protest mainly because the protesters gained money without working.

One of the protesters, Teodor Cionca was a criminalist officer, “with superior studies” as he states, and now, after 31 years of activity he receives the same almond of money as a non-commissioned officer without superior studies.

Another protester, Cezar Manolache was disturbed by a higher order given to Military Circle which says that they are not allowed to release income certificates for militaries, this being a violation of a constitutional right.

After being pensioned as a colonel lieutenant in retirement, being an Officer with the Army Education, Psyche-moral Investigations and Psychological Acts for 29 years, Emil Pop tried to find a job at the Gherla Jail, but he didn’t succeed. Also he said that in 2012, from 320 000 of military personnel as was until Romania’s adherence at EU and NATO, it should remain 55 000, the state forcing them to retire for avoiding other trouble. He said that the meeting was made in order to reveal the real sense of the politicians’ discourses, and also that the day was favorable for this kind of manifestations, because ”the protesters also assisted at the manifestations for the real meaning of the day”.

Ion Grozavu is the author and initiator of a draft law on the unification of the pension system for all citizens, regardless of socio-professional occupation. He disagrees with the meeting and as evidence of his dissatisfaction shows a statistics published in Adevărul de Bucuresti on 21st of January 2011 which shows the recalculation of military pensions for which they have protested.

The meeting made by retired military professionals pleased those directly involved in this issue and others disappointed retirees who plan to give an answer to this meeting. Although today was an important historical significance, the military retirees changed the course of the events.

Anca Iacob and Flavia Stoia

Photo: Flavia Stoia


  1. Alice

    Haha, oare pe te-ai urcat iar Flavia sa faci pozele?

  2. Anca

    pe unde nu ne-am urcat amandoua!!!

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