A Locomotive has derailed at Dej

Yesterday evening, a locomotive belonging to CFR Marfă has derailed at the entrance of Dej-Triaj Depot.

The Dej-Triaj Depot is the place where the merchandise is kept, sorted out and then transported across the country by train. The locomotive arrived yesterday evening from the Cluj-Napoca Station having several cargo carriages attached to the locomotive. According to official data from the Dej-Triaj Depot the speed of the locomotive wasn’t the cause of the locomotive derailment, as the locomotive entered the depot at the speed of 26 km/h, the minimum speed being 30km/h.

Depot officials have announced that the reason for which the locomotive derailed is due to the poor conditions of the railway, which weren’t repaired or changed because of the lack of money since the time of former communist dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu.

Daniel Costin

Photo: Nicu Marcu

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  1. Alice

    Nu pot sa cred ca a aparut aici stirea asta aici si astia de la dej.biz nu au publicat nimic. Ce oameni! :-j

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