Future Regional Emergency Hospital will be built in Florești

The future location of the Regional Emergency Hospital will be the ammunition warehouse from Florești commune, according to the Chairman of Cluj County Council, Alin Tișe.

After the State Subsecretary Raed Arafat informed that the CBC Development building in Tetarom industrial park, which was an alternative destination for the hospital, is not big enough for a regional hospital, Tișe stated that in his opinion, Florești is a better location to build the Hospital on. The County Council wants to speed up the process and they estimated that the construction should begin sometime around 2011.

On 14ha of terrain, received from the Ministry of Defense, the County Council is planning to associate with a private company to found the future hospital building. The Health Ministry will not be involved in the project and the idea of European founds was not taken in consideration yet. The Hospital is planned to serve for 6 counties in the North-Vest region. Future studies will provide information about the number of beds and rooms needed for a regional hospital.

Concerning the ammunition warehouse, Tișe stated that in a discussion with Gabriel Oprea, the defense minister promised that the Ministry will coordinate and financially support moving the warehouse from Florești. The costs will rise to be around 300 000 euros.  The project is now waiting approval from the Romanian Government.

Tișe wishes for the new hospital to have renowned doctors. This would only benefit to the new hospital, as people will choose the new hospital in favor of other smaller hospitals. The Chairman would like to bring both doctor and nursing staff from the County Hospital.

The next steps of the project are elaborating Prefeasibility and Substantiation studies. The project will evolve as a public-private partnership.

Calin Cretu

Photo: Ubb Radio Archive

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