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New Hotel-plan or project?


During these days, constructing a new building seems to be more and more avoided due to the high prices and to the crisis. Constructors usually have the place and the ideas, but the problem is the economical part, this being the reason why they prefer to leave the ground for foreign investors. But that situation …

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Donate blood – Save a life


The “Donate!” OSM was founded 10 years ago, one of their campaigns taking place between 13th and 17th of December 2010, with over 100 student volunteers involved. On the first day of the project there were 81 donors and by the end, it gathered over 500 donors. The same thing happened on the last edition, held in March: it gathered 600 donors, but only 500 were fit to donate. The conditions that a donor have to fulfill are: to have more than 57kg, to be aged between 18 and 60, to be healthy, rested, to had not consumed alcohol 48 hours before donation, do not have herpes, hepatitis, tuberculosis, malaria, not to be allergic or to have a cold, not …

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Miniature trains exhibition


The Cluj-Napoca’s train station guests the biggest miniature trains exhibition in Romania so far, called Train Fest 2010. Those who are passionate about trains, and not only, can visit the exhibition between 10 and 12 December 2010, from 10 to 19. This year, 30 train enthusiastics worked for over a year to create 55 meters …

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A locomotive was hit by a road train in Cluj County


A road train which was moving along DN1 skidded between CF Poieni and Brăişoru train stations because of the weather conditions. In the process a locomotive of the Timişoara-Iaşi train was hit and suffered damages. The incident occurred at about 11:30 in the morning and there were no victims, states INFOTRAFIC.RO. The railway traffic between …

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The Golden Diploma


In today’s society, having a long-lasting relationship seems to be harder and harder. According to statistics, about 40-50 % of the married couples end up in divorce. One of the couples, the Morar ones, admitted that in order to get this far, you must first be good, because “couples nowadays are mean and that’s why …

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Romania for immigrants


At the Cluj-Napoca’s Town Hall, in the “Glass Room”, took place the „MIGRATION AND THE HUMAN RIGHTS”event organized by the League of Defending Human Rights. “These projects prepare the migrators for the Schengen Area” said Ana Luduşan, president of the League of Defending Human Rights from the Cluj department. “As an organization I say that …

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Future Regional Emergency Hospital will be built in Florești


The future location of the Regional Emergency Hospital will be the ammunition warehouse from Florești commune, according to the Chairman of Cluj County Council, Alin Tișe. After the State Subsecretary Raed Arafat informed that the CBC Development building in Tetarom industrial park, which was an alternative destination for the hospital, is not big enough for …

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Cluj has elected new mayor: Sorin Apostu

Sorin Apostu (right) is the new elected mayor

Interim mayor Sorin Apostu (photo right) is the new elected mayor of Cluj-Napoca. Apostu, the liberal-democrat candidate (PD-L), won the election on Sunday after the first round, with 60.48% of  votes (49,234 votes). National liberal Marius Nicoară is the runner-up, with 24,78% of votes, while social-democrat Teodor Pop-Puşcaş came in third place with 7,39%. Only …

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Taxi drivers are protesting

Taxi drivers in Cluj held a protest

Taxi drivers in Cluj held a protest today against the big number of taximetres which are running in the city without authorisation. About 60 taxi drivers gathered for the march which lasted 2 hours. The remonstrants started their march in front of  “Horia Demian” Indoor Sports Arena, and then went on to 1st December boulevard, …

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Mihai Eminescu celebrated in Cluj-Napoca


Romanians celebrate today 159 years since Mihai Eminescu, the national poet, was born. A commemorative service was held at his statue in front of the National Theatre in Cluj-Napoca. Mayor Sorin Apostu and prefect Călin Platon attended the service. The Municipal House of  Culture will host several events in the poets’ memory:  Dorina Scutăreanu’s  “Blue …

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