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Italian Week at Cinema Mărăşti

The Italian Week is taking place from the 21st of November until the 27th, at Cnema Mărăşti. Organized with the support of the Cluj-Napoca City Hall, George Baritiu High School and the Italian Cultural Centre, the Italian Week will offer to all moviegoers the opportunity to see Italian productions made between 1960 and 2008, including …

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Serenade for Education Minister

Loud chants were heard in front of the Student Cultural Hall today, as more than 200 students gathered to defend their rights and privileges. One of the triggers that started the protest was the decision to cut 25% of the student associations’ participation in the decisions of the university board, along with the new methodology …

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Traian Basescu attended the Metropolitan Bartholomeu’s lyke wake

The President Traian Basescu arrived in Cluj-Napoca at around 18.00 to pay his last respects for the Metropolitan Bartolomeu Anania. Basescu has spent about 20 minutes in the Metropolitan Cathedral, where he bowed and lit a candle to the priest. Around 18:30, Traian Basescu left the Cathedral and went to the Metropolitan Palace, where he took …

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Calin Platon pays 165,000 euro for the baby he killed last year


The former prefect of Cluj, Calin Platon, made a financial deal with the child’s parents who died last year. He has reached a financial agreement and according to judicial sources quoted by Agerpres, it is a compensation of 150,000 euros for the two parents, and additional 15,000 euros more for the injuries sustained by the mother. …

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New meaning of 24th of January


Even if today is celebrated the Union of the Romanian Principalities, some pensioners decided to give the day another signification: they protested against the government’s decision to cut their pensions. The event took place in front of the Prefecture, near the Cuza’s statue, today around 12 o’clock. Talking with one of the people there, Dumitru …

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A woman starts a protest just by herself


„Our country needs specialists for all domains, otherwise we can not progress” is the statement of a woman from Cluj Napoca who decided on Tuesday to start a protest in front of the PDL building. “Down with the Boc Govern” and “Down with Basescu” are the slogans that can be read on two paperboards held …

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A snowy day starts with a snowy accident


Today snow finally hit Cluj-Napoca once again with a morning blizzard to cover the city, making it look like a giant white foam. Nevertheless there is no real blizzard without traffic jams, automobile collisions and last but not least, people getting hurt. A SMURD (Mobile Emergency Service for Resuscitation and Extrication) ambulance got hit by …

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The Sagrada Familia from Cluj Napoca

bis catolica

The construction of the Greek-Catholic Cathedral from Piaţa Cipariu, Cluj Napoca has yet not been finished and the finalization of it remains unknown. The main reason for this is the high budget, as the cost is estimated at 5 millions Euros. The Cathedral is a multifunctional building with five levels, but just the first two …

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“Employers and students in the media industry” conference


VEHMED- “Media vehicles for practical skills training, television and newspaper operated by students for students” held today the first meeting of the project, entitled “Employers and students in the media industry”, at the Political Sciences, Administrative and Communication Faculty. Students had the opportunity to find essential information about what media really is and how it …

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Bagels – cheap and good


Cluj Napoca is invaded with small shops which sell bagels and pies with 1 or 2 lei. What happened with all the restaurants and cookies shops? If in the past years people were queuing at the confectionaries, now people are crowding for a cheap bagel. When I asked about the amount of bagels they sell …

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