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Name: Teodora Demian
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  2. A story of a volunteer or the story about the endless opportunities one has — 22/11/2012
  3. Our Volunteer-pedia kind of thing — 17/11/2012
  4. “Cei mari pentru cei mici”-showing that caring means something — 07/12/2011
  5. Uniting cultures through music — 29/11/2011

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Nisa Rivzi: “Little People” fighting against cancer


My name is Nisa Rizvi and I’m 16 years old. My father is of Persian decent, but he was born and raised in England and my mother is Hungarian from Budapest. My parents set up the well known cancer charity called Little People, working with children and adolescents fighting cancer. We currently run centers in Iasi, …

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A story of a volunteer or the story about the endless opportunities one has

It was coldish, maybe because of the weather, or because of new surroundings, or possibly because of the 2 hours sleeping on a bench in the railroad of the medieval city of Lviv, Ukraine After the morning call was given by the omnipresent police, wearing a blue costume on the back of which was written …

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Our Volunteer-pedia kind of thing


This is my first time in Lviv, Ukraine. This place didn’t ask me about my nationality or my background; in fact, it asked me nothing. It just stood there and let me explore both: itself and my new self. It did the same with 26 volunteers from different countries. Still, I felt confident to come. …

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“Cei mari pentru cei mici”-showing that caring means something

ZKI - OTR - Concert Caritabil - 2011 11 22

    It has somehow become a tradition for the singers from Cluj’s scene to come together and sing for a cause that they believe in: offering their contribution to the future of some orphans from Cluj. The charitable concert organized by Andrei Puiu with the support of Mihnea Blidariu and Nick Făgădar from Luna …

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Uniting cultures through music

Using music as a language, a group of students, known as Balcony Players, manages to show to the audience what can happen when the styles of different cultures gather around. The five members of the band are: Monike de Leeuw, Johan de Pue, Ilse Roskam, Martin Masakowski and Luca Susti. Have a look at what …

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Marathon of banned commercials

A screening of banned commercials was held at the Faculty of Economical Sciences (FSEGA) two nights ago. The event was organized by ASM (Association of Marketing Students) and was presented by special guests from Qual Media: Eugen Albu and Carmen Hiticas. This was the 6th edition of commercial screenings, and the only one dealing with …

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Roots Reggae- An unplugged vibe that makes people dance

The electronic sounds managed to conquer a large part of the music field nowadays. Yet there are people like Alex Müntz and Johnny King who are still promoting the unplugged music. Their affinity for live music lead to a unique approach of the Roots Reggae, a style that stands at the basis of the reggae …

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Romanian Parliament voted the law on stray dogs

The Romanian Chamber of Deputies approved on Tuesday the law on stray dogs euthanasia.   Adopted after several weeks of delays, the law passed with 168 “pro” votes, 111 “against” and 11 “abstentions”. Still, the final decision is to be be taken by local authorities, which have to decide on the appropriate methods  to get rid …

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A sample of equality at the Gay Film Nights

Being at its eight edition, The GAY FILM NIGHTS International Film Festival which had the theme lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals, took place in Cluj Napoca between the 14th and 20th November. This year’s edition gathered 37 movies from 15 countries such as Spain, Brazil, England, USA, France, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey. The projections have …

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Italian Week at Cinema Mărăşti

The Italian Week is taking place from the 21st of November until the 27th, at Cnema Mărăşti. Organized with the support of the Cluj-Napoca City Hall, George Baritiu High School and the Italian Cultural Centre, the Italian Week will offer to all moviegoers the opportunity to see Italian productions made between 1960 and 2008, including …

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